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John Nicholson

Senior Lecturer
Director of the Classics Summer Institute

Contact Info

239 Park Hall
Phone Number:
Curriculum Vitae:
JHN CV 2012.pdf (21.6 KB)

Academic History

Ph.D. 1991, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Classics

M.A. 1986, University of Georgia, Classics

B.A. 1980, University of the South, Medieval Studies



Cicero's Return from Exile - Hard copy of the book is available for inspection in the Alexander Room, Park Hall 222 (shelved among other Classics Faculty's books). 

Reviews of Cicero's Return from Exile

D.H. Berry
Christopher P. Craig
P.M. Martin


"Chiasmus in Catullus 85"
"Catullus 84: In vino veritas?"
"The Survival of Cicero's Letters"
"Goats and Gout in Catullus 71"
"The Delivery and Confidentiality of Cicero's Letters"


Medusa: Solving the Riddle of the Gorgon - S.R. Wilk
Cicero's Correspondence - G.O. Hutchinson
The Classical Roman Reader - K. Atchity
The Speeches of Cicero - P. MacKendrick
Cicero: The Fragmentary Speeches - J.W. Crawford
Form as Argument in Cicero's Speeches - C.P. Craig
Cicero's Social and Political Thought - N. Wood

Research Interests:

Latin Literature

Undergraduate Programs

UGA Classics explores Greek and Roman culture (material; intellectual; religious) from Troy to Augustine; Classical languages and literatures (Greek, Latin, and in English translation); and the reception of Classical Antiquity with A.B. and M.A. degrees in Classics with multiple areas of emphasis. The Minor in Classical Culture complements degree programs across campus. New to Classics? Take a course with us on campus or in Europe and acquire future-ready skills.

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