Thank you for your interest in supporting the Classics program at Georgia. Classics has always had the good fortune to have strong and eloquent allies. Thomas Jefferson once wrote:

I know it is often said there have been shining examples of men of great abilities in all the businesses of life, without any other science than what they had gathered from conversations and intercourse with the world. But who can say what they may not have been had they started in the science on the shoulders of a Demosthenes or a Cicero, . . ? To sum the whole, therefore, it may truly be said that the classical languages are a solid basis for most, and an ornament to all of the sciences.

We believe strongly in the ability of Classics to enrich the lives of people everywhere. Your contribution helps us to bring that understanding to new generations of students. We thank you for support.

Click the links below to find out more about the funds and how to give.

James W. Alexander Fund

This fund supports undergraduate and graduate research, visiting lecturers and other departmental needs.

Rome Study Abroad Program Support Fund

The fund supports the Classics Department's study abroad program in Rome and provides scholarships and grants to students who attend.

Richard A. LaFleur Summer Teacher Scholarship

Established to award scholarships to high school Latin teachers enrolled in the Classics Department’s Summer Institute or Master’s program.