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The Department of Classics offers several scholarships to assist students in their travels to Rome.

Scholarships Specific to the Program:

Please visit the Scholarships, Awards, and Grants page to submit your on-line applications and on-line requests for a faculty recommendation for the Thompson Scholarship and the UGA Classics in Rome Grants or send the following materials as an attachment by email to

1) a letter explaining why you want to participate in the program, what you hope to achieve, and what makes you a worthy recipient of financial help.

2) a letter of recommendation from a professor discussing your academic performance and why you would be a good candidate for the scholarship or the award

Deadline: February 10, 2020

The David L. Thompson Study Abroad in Classics Scholarship

The David L. Thompson Studies Abroad Scholarship was established in memory of Dr. David Lowell Thompson, a former member of the Classics Department faculty. The scholarship is intended to assist undergraduate students who study abroad in the Classics within the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. Selection criteria are based upon academic excellence, with preference given to majors, minors, and graduate students in the Department of Classics. Recipients of the Thompson Scholarship must enroll in and complete the Study Abroad Program in Rome sponsored by the University of Georgia Department of Classics. Application deadline is Monday, February 10. Please ask for one reference to complete the reference form:

UGA Classics in Rome Grants

These grants are awarded from the Rome Study Abroad Support Fund that was created with the contributions of alumni and friends of the program. They are intended to assist undergraduate students who attend the program, regardless of their major or their institution, and they may range from $100 to $500 each. Application deadline is Monday, February 10. Please ask for one reference to complete the reference form.

The following grants have been offered for summer 2019:

• Grant in memory of Prof. Jimmy Alexander
• Grant in honor of Prof. Jim Anderson 
• Grant in honor of Prof. Ed Best
• Grant in memory of Prof. Timothy Gantz
• Grant in honor of Prof. Bob Curtis
• Grant in honor of Prof. Edlund-Berry

Tom Poss Award

This award, established in memory of Dr. Tom Poss, a beloved member of the department and of the Rome faculty, is given to an outstanding student enrolled in the UGA in Rome study abroad program.

The Linda J. Piper Award for Studies Abroad

PLEASE NOTE: for 2020 this award is administered by the Department of History

The Linda J. Piper Award for Studies Abroad Fund is a joint fund of the Departments of Classics and History, administered by the Classics Department. The award, established in honor of Professor Linda J. Piper, is to alternate between the Departments of Classics and History with Classics bestowing the award in odd-numbered years. It is intended to assist students to offset expenses, such as tuition, fees, and transportation costs, directly related to study abroad. All students majoring in the Classics Department are eligible to apply for the award.

Franklin College Study Abroad Program Scholarship


Experiential Learning Scholarships

Has a useful FAQ. It is best to request a scholarship amount based on your overall assistance/known budget.


The Gilman Scholarship

The Office of Global Engagement is awarding thousands of dollars to deserving students through the Gilman Scholarship. The Gilman Program awards over 2,000 scholarships of up to $5,000 to students from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds.  In order to be eligible for the Gilman Scholarship you must:

• Be a recipient of a Federal Pell Grant 
• Be a U.S. Citizen 
• Want to study or intern abroad for 4 weeks (semester OR summer!) 
• Talk to an education abroad advisor in the OIE!  (706-542-2900).

Important Note: Students who are applying for any financial assistance in order to study abroad may want to check carefully the guidelines for those sources; it’s possible that some units, like Franklin College, may require a copy of the FAFSA in order to assess a student’s need. 


There is often a waiting period for a FAFSA assessment to be processed, so a FAFSA application filed late could affect whether a student can provide the needed assessment in time for a scholarship deadline.

Office of Global Engagement General Scholarships

For other scholarships visit the Office of Global Engagement website:


Honors Program Internal Scholarships and Stipends


Additional Scholarships

For other scholarships visit the Office of International Education website:


Undergraduate Programs

UGA Classics explores Greek and Roman culture (material; intellectual; religious) from Troy to Augustine; Classical languages and literatures (Greek, Latin, and in English translation); and the reception of Classical Antiquity with A.B. and M.A. degrees in Classics with multiple areas of emphasis. The Minor in Classical Culture complements degree programs across campus. New to Classics? Take a course with us on campus or in Europe and acquire future-ready skills.

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