The undergraduate degree programs of the Department of Classics rank among the largest and strongest of Classics departments in the United States. Our students have won numerous competitive scholarships and other awards, and our graduates have gone on to excellent jobs in a wide range of careers–including teaching at the primary and secondary school levels–and to graduate programs at a variety of prestigious universities.

We offer majors in Classical Culture (no ancient languages required), Classical Languages (with emphases in Greek, Latin, or Greek and Latin) and a concentration in Classical Archaeology. We also participate in the undergraduate Certificate Program offered by the Center for Archaeological Sciences.

Our undergraduate Classical Culture courses provide all students— regardless of their field of study—with a basic knowledge of Greek and Roman civilizations and their Mediterranean context, and prepare students for more advanced study in classical culture, ancient history and archaeology. The courses in Classical Languages teach fundamentals of grammar, syntax, reading, and translation, and prepare students for advanced courses in Greek and/or Latin. Each major or minor in the Department also has a faculty mentor who meets with the student individually each semester to discuss course selection, career goals and other issues.

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