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M.A. Theses and Graduates in the Department of Classics


Jill K. Simmons,  The πολυφλοίσβοιο θαλάσσης Formula in Early Greek Poetry


Richard S. Baroody, M.A., Latin, non-thesis

David K. Blosser, M.A., Latin, non-thesis

Jaclyn R. Friend, In corpus corpore toto: Merging Bodies in Ovid, Lucretius, and Plato, literature

Kristen M. Fulton, Herakles and Helen Defined By Their Paternity, Liminality and Relationship to Hera

Laura K. Hatmaker, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

Julia C. Hernandez, The Lindos Anagraphe: "Forging" a Heroic Past in Hellenistic Rhodes?

Andrew L. Hicks, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

Matthew (Br. Dunstan) Holms, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

Aaron T. Lipka, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

Casey R. Neill, Eros and the Eros-Afflicted: Ancient Greek Erotic Anxiety Through the Myths of Helen and Medea, literature/gender studies

Benjamin E. Nikota, Tacitus' Jewish Excursus: Internal Inconsistencies in Mythic History, Geography, and Ethnic Identity, history/cultural studies/religion

Andrew S. Olimpi, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

Merrill G. RobinsonM.A., Latin, non-thesis

Kevin J. Scahill, The Role of Diomedes in the Aeneid and Metamorphoses, literature

Allene M. Seet, Fifth Century B.C.E. War Memorials in Pausanias' Periegesis, cultural studies/history

Carson J. Shaw, Socrates, Democracy, and Relativism, philosophy/government

Jonathan H. Warner, Vegetius' Epitoma rei militaris?: Institutions, Rules, and Reception, cultural studies/history


Benjamin S. Alexander, M.A., Latin, non-thesis

Jordan D. Amy, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

Caitlin C. Clerkin, The Mini-Columbarium in Carthage’s Yasmina Cemetery, cultural studies/archaeology 

Sarah K. Ellery, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

Rachel A. Freeman, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

Sara E. Hobe, The Aged Body in 4th- and 5th-century Literature, literature/cultural studies

Daniel E. Klein, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

Charlaine D. Lunsford, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

Joshua B. McCall, Plot and Power in the Iliad, literature/history

Lauren S. Rogers, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

Charles H. Russell-Schlesinger, The Vera Historia Behind Lucian's Relationship with Homer: Homeric Intertext in Lucian's Science Fiction Novel, literature/history

Clayton A. Schroer, The Poetics of Kinship: Narrative and Poetic Technique in Vergil, Ovid, and Statius, literature

Amy Skillicorn, The Body After Death: The Beliefs of Paul and Tertullan, religion/ cultural studies

Jennifer A. Stanull, Gender in the Oresteia: Imagery and the Establishment of Male Power, gender studies/literature

Alexandros Tasioulis, Two Case Studies on Ethnography in Novels, literature/cultural studies

Brian M. Urrutia, Tell Me What You See: Aesthetic Responses in Hellenistic Poetry, literature/cultural studies

Matthew C. Wineski, M.A. Latin, non-thesis


Lindsey K. Campbell, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

Ludenna F. Chow, The Poetics of Hierarchy: Defining the Semantic Scope of Indo-European *demH2- in Homeric Greek, linguistics

Natalie A. Fort, Literary Immortality in Pliny the Younger’s Letters I-IX, literature, cultural studies

Cindy R. Guanci, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

Mark J. Hamilton, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

William S. Hughes, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

Kyle M. Khellaf, Circumnavigating Tacitus’ Agricola: Mise en Abyme and the Mutiny of the Usipi, history/cultural studies

Ryan G. Sellers, M.A. Latin, non-thesis


Mark J. Crowley, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

Adara J. Hinton, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

Seth L. Knowles, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

Kyle H. McGimsey, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

Maria C. Roberts, The Face of the Caesars: Physiognomy in Suetonius’ De Vita Casearum, cultural studies/literature

Julie E. Smith, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

Stewart C. Tarvin, Legite Me Mortuum: Reading the Cena Trimalchionisas a Roman Funeral, cultural studies / literature

Kathleen M. Walton, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

Anthony D. Yates, Homeric BH D'IMENAI: A Diachronic Approach, linguistics


David F. Driscoll, Gentle Reproach: Hektor’s Hortatory and Goading Rebukes in The Iliad, literature

Scott A. Holcomb, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

Hermanus R. Lemmer, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

Lauren F. McGowan, The Development of the Preface in Roman Historiography, literature/history

Ashley Newman, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

Brendan E. Rabon, Matters Of Reception In Pastoral Amaebaean Contests, cultural studies

Kevin R. Roth, One, Two, Many Latins: an Investigation into the Relationship between the Pronunciation of the Latin Language and Latin-Roman Diglossia / Bilingualism, linguistics

Jesse J. Sawyer, A Commentary on the Verse Inscription on the Tomb of the Flavii at Cillium, archaeology/history

Katrina V. Vaananen, Warrior and Pastoral Duels: The Genealogy of Vergil's Pastoral, literature/cultural studies

Rebecca C. Westgate, M.A., Latin, non-thesis


R. Shaughn Casey, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

Elizabeth Gephardt, The Role of Evacatio in Macrobius’ Saturnalia 3, literature

Allen, M. Hoffman, Augustine’s Letter 20*: Coloni in Fussala, history/religion/cultural studies

Kevin C. Kless, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

Mark Michalak, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

Jane I. Rayburn, The Narrative Function of Apparitions in Post-Augustan Epic, literature/cultural studies

Mary E. Williamson, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

Patrick R. Yaggy, Augustus and Domitian: Political Allusions in Statius' Thebaid, literature/politics


Karl W. Ayers, Livy, Veii, and Rome: Ab Urbe Condita, Book V, archaeology/history

Jessica H. Fisher, Ovid and the Eclogues: Verbal Echoes in the Apollo and Daphne Episode, literature

Gregory T. Johnston, Moses in Historiography from Hellenistic Alexandria to Josephus, literature/religion/cultural studies

Alisha McCloud, M.A. Latin, non-thesis

Zachary M. McGar, Viewers and Viewed in Metamorphoses, literature/religion/cultural studies

Eric C. Verhine, The Victorious Wisdom of Simonides: Cicero's Justification of Academic Skepticism in De Natura Deorum and De Divinatione, philosophy/religion/history

Ashlee B. Warren, The Prophetic Legacy: Studies in Aeneas' Reactions to Prophecies, literature/rhetoric

Deana P. Zeigler, Clytemnestra, Electra, and the Failure of Mothering on the Attic Stage, gender studies/literature


Douglas Anderson, Vocalic Phonology in New Testament Manuscripts, linguistics/religion

Christopher Cotten, Ambrose and Stilicho: Politics in the Post-Theodosian World, biography/hagiography/politics

John Lanier, Moving West: Phoenician and Greek Settlement Models in the 8th Century B.C.E., archaeology/history

John Andrew Lasater, Image is Everything: Satiric Elements in Horace's Lyric Persona, literature

Virginia Lewis, The Healing Effect of Song in the Poetry of Pindar and Theocritus, literature/cultural studies

Carrie Matthews, Barbarians and Language in Aristophanes, linguistics/literature

Sean Signore, Achilles and Andromache: Gender Ambiguity in Motif, Narrative, and Formula, gender studies/literature

Steven R. Turner, Jr., Tela Moumentalia: Ovid, Augustus, and the Roman Cityscape in Ars Amatoria I.67-176, literature/monuments/ topography


J. Marilyn Evans, The Tertullus Monument: A Funerary Monument from Roman Carthage, archaeology/cultural studies

Andrew Lemons, Cetera Quis Nescit?: Textual Intercourse in Ovid's Love Elegies, literature

Kevin McDaniel, The Enigma of Turnus: Contradictory Characterizations in Vergil's "Aeneid", literature/cultural studies/monuments

John McDonald, Inherited Bovine Aspects in Greek Reflexes of the Indo-European Serpent-Slaying Myth, cultural studies/literature/religion

Robert Rutledge, "Pro Milone": the Purposes of Cicero's Published Defense of T. Annius Milo, history/politics


Berkeley Brown, Julio-Claudian Empresses, history

Randy Fields, Voices of the Enemy: "Oratio Recta" and "Oratio Obliqua" in Caesar's "De Bello Gallico," history/rhetoric

Amy Petersen, Ovid's Wife in the "Tristia" and "Epistulae ex Ponto": Transforming Erotic Elegy into Conjugal Elegy, biography/history/literature

Kelly Ryan, Poeticizing Epicurus In Lucretius' "De Rerum Natura," literature/philosophy

Christopher Webb, The Death of Octavia: Tacitus' "Annales 14.60-64" and the "Octavia" Praetexta, literature/history


Neil Beers, Recalling Cupid: Apologia in Ovid's Poetry from Exile, literature/history/rhetoric

M. Conway Brackett, The Coffering of Hadrian's Pantheon: Precedent, Interpretation, and Tradition, archaeology/monuments/history

Amy Leonard, The Social and Political Context for Obstruction in Roman Love Elegy, literature/history/politics

Amanda Mathis, New Women on the Tragic Stage: Sophoclean Innovation on Archaic Themes, literature/cultural studies

Sean Mathis, Visions of Grandeur: Hannibal's Gaze and Ekphrasis in the "Punica" of Silius Italicus, literature/history

Anne O'Keeffe, Augustus as Paterfamilias, history/biography

T. Teresa Royston, Sallust and the Monograph, history/literature

B. Todd Thomason, Aeneid III: Aeneas' Voyage Per Imperium, literature/history/topography

Sarah Traut, Frogs Around the Pond: Some Images of the Mediterranean Sea in Greek and Roman Culture, literature/history

James Yavenditti, Tropaea in Oriente: Roman Victory Monuments Located within the Eastern Mediterranean, archaeology/history/epigraphy


Carolyn Harvey, Lactantius' De Ira Dei: An Explication of the Arguments and Study of Lactantius' Treatment of Greco-Roman Philosophy, literature/philosophy

Christopher Semper, Altar, Sacrifice and Prophecy: The Children of Priam in Books 2 and 3 of Vergil's Aeneid, literature


Amy E. Chifici, The Matrona in Plautus, literature

C. William Gladhill, Vergil, Callimachus and Imperial Poetics in Book Three Aeneid, literature

Kaori Miller, Playing Greek Games: Intertextuality in Aeneid, literature

Ryan Seeger, Romans and Barbarians in Tacitus' Battle
Narratives, history/literature

Joan R. Tucker, From Field to Table: Visual Images of Food in the Western Roman Empire, literature/archaeology

James Brandon Wester, The Language of Gods and Men, literature


Jennifer Cunningham, Scylla, Byblis, and Myrrha: Metamorphosis, Narrative, and the Feminine in Ovid, literature

Karen Laurence, The Athenian Calendar Frieze: An Agricultural Calendar Dedicated to Demeter and Dionysus During the Time of Demetrios Poliorketes, archaeology

Adam Leven, Servius Grammaticus on Vergil's Aeneid, Book VII: A Translation with Commentary, literature

Michael McGinn, Alcuin as Pastoral Poet, literature

Leslie Rogers, The Economic Development of Roman Dacia, literature


Danetta Genung, Representations of Dogs in Roman Literature and Art, literature

Damian Kavanagh, Unreliable Narrators in Ovid's Metamorphoses, literature


Elizabeth Kann, Friendship in the Correspondence of Pliny the Younger: Words and Deeds, literature

Karen Morse, The Cavalry of the Roman Republic, military literature/history

Julia Nelson, The Aesthetics of Disease on the Athenian Stage, literature/philosophy

Robert Sobak, But I Digress: The Function of Geography in the Historical Works of Tacitus, literature/history

Daniel Robie, Literature In Limine: An Investigation of the Evolution of the Meaning of Limen in Select Latin Authors, literature

Sara Panek, The Literary Contexts of the Polyphemus Myth in Greek and Latin Literature, literature

Matthew Payne, History as Epic: Livy's Veii, literature/history

Brian Carr, Immanent and Transcendent Time in Tacitus, literature/history


Donald Brewster II, The Mutability of Fate and Juno's Triumph in Vergil's Aeneid, literature

Robert Epler, An Qui Amant, Ipsi Sibi Somnia Fingunt?: The Conflict Between Real and Ideal in Tibullus Book 1, literature

Eric Eben, Hesiod, Chaos, and the Near East, literature

Robert Burgess, Critique of Augustus in Ovid's Metamorphoses Book I, literature

Lakechia Payne-Davis, Am I my Brother's Keeper? The Romulus and Remus Myth in Roman Literature, literature

Karen Johnson, Death and Funerary Ritual in the Cena Trimalchionis, literature

Winfred Harris, The Transgression of Boundaries in Apuleius' Apologia and Metamorphoses, literature

Elizabeth Solomon, Jason the Great?: Reminiscences of Alexander in Apollonius' Argonautica, literature


Joseph Stanfiel, Ovid's Platonic Tyranny: References to the Republic in the Lycaon and Tereus Episodes of the Metamorphoses, literature/history

Andrea Hebert, Transformative Magic, Platonic Rhetoric and Apuleius' Metamorphosis, literature

Susan Carl, Bella, Horrida Bella: Massacres, Atrocities, and Genocide in the Roman World, history/archaeology

Paul Shorkey, Dante's Georgic Redemption: Vergil's Georgics in La Divina Commedia, literature/history

Keith Toda, The Wrath of Juno: The Interplay of Homeric Sources in a Vergilian Goddess, literature

Rhonda Kelley, The Politics of Rape: Sexual and Violent Imagery in the Metamorphoses of Ovid, literature

Hunter Gardner, Looking Back: Orpheus in Ovid and Vergil, literature

William Knox III, The Role of History in Aeneid VI, literature/history

Shawn Garner, Vindex Libertatis: Civil Liberties and the Tradition of Libertas in the Late Roman Republic, history

Alison Murphy, Exclusus Augustinus: The Pagan Paraclausithyron in a Christian's Confessions, literature

Richard Stanley, Nero Reventurus: A Study in Biographical Transformations, history


Sarah Smart, What Rough Beast Is This? Bacchantism and Epicureanism in Vergil's Aeneid, literature/philosophy

Kevin Davis, Chomping Calliope: The Moral Implications of Dining Imagery and Epic Parody in Roman Satire, literature

Amy Martin, From the Toilet to the Tiber: A Theoretical Approach to the Roman Sewer System, archaeology/literature

Stephen Parham, Hybris in Aristophanic Comedy, literature

Hilary Sikes, Disciplina and Temeritas in Livy, literature/history

Robert Fisher II, Martial's Reuse of Catullan Food Terminology, literature


Marshall Lloyd, The Political Context of Cicero's Poetry, literature/history/politics

William Bugg III, The Structure of Ammianus' Res Gestae, literature

Kevin Nyberg, The Romanization of the Mycenaean Saga in Senca's Agamemnon and Thyestes, literature


Derek Counts, The Social Implications of Embalming Ritual in the Roman Empire, archaeology/literature/cultural studies

Catherine Bilow, Hadrian's Wall, AD 122-211: Settlement Patterns and Romano-Native Economic Exchange, archaeology/history/economics

Muriel Garcia, Ovid as Cinematographer in Selected Scenes from the Metamorphoses, literature

Kathryn Roth, Kitchens in Pompeii and Herculaneum: An Architectural, Archaeological, and Socio-economic Study, archaeology/architecture

Patricia Fitzgibbon, De Rerum Natura: Politics and Roman Epicureanism in the Late Republic, literature/philosophy/politics

Susan Rankin, Fear and Loathing in Christendom: Invective of the Fathers, literature/religion

Gail Polk, The Diana Simile in Aeneid I.498-502, literature


Sean Kelly, The Hermaneutic Paradigm: Aspects of the Poet's Voice in Four Pindaric Odes, literature

Kathryn Schafer, The Roman Attitude Toward the Loss of a Child: A Literary and Epigraphical Study, literature/epigraphy

Erika Thorgerson, Sortis Ultimae Homo: Roman Praecones and the Dissemination of Information in the Republic and Empire, history/politics


Christine Albright, Eros in Thucydides, literature/history


Scott Rogers, Hesiod, to kairon, and the Purpose of the Works and Days, literature

Lisa Pintozzi, Testing the Metal of the Gods: A Study of Defixiones from the University of Georgia Excavations at Carthage, archaeology/literature/archaeological sciences

William Johnston Jr., Double Accounts in Livy Books 1-5, literature/history

Christopher Gregg, Representations of Circus Personnel from Carthage: Mosaics, Statuary, and Defixionum Tabellae, archaeology/art/literature

Grace de Majewski, The Sincerity of Negotiations between Pompey and Caesar in Caesar's Bellum Civile, literature/history/politics

Emil Kramer, Sallustian Influence in Tacitus' Agricola, literature/history


Ellen Zahariadis, Aeschylus' Oresteia: A "Modern" Reworking of Hesiod's Notions of Cosmic Dike, literature

Thomas Briggs, Men, Women, and Civic Governance in Aristophanic Comedy, literature

Karen McQuaid, Martial and the Satiric Tradition, literature


Terrance Depasquale, The 1988 Westminster Latin Institute: An Evaluative Case Study, education

Caroline Nelson, Philip II, Alexander III, and their Successors, and their Work in Sanctuaries, history/archaeology/religion

Summer Stevens, Charges of Sexual Misconduct in the Speeches of Cicero, oratory/history

Mary Hall Newton, Ovid's Medeas: The Development of a Character, literature


Georgia Irby, The Chronology and Topography of Cicero's Pro Milone, rhetoric

Jennifer Forbragd, Agricola's Campaigns in Scotland, history


Linda Gooch, The Procuratorial Governors of Dacia, government/history

Rex Crews, The Relationship of Anchises and Aeneas in the Aeneid, literature


John Nicholson, The Vita Sancti Basilii of Pseudo-Amphilochius: A Critical Edition with Commentary and English Translation, hagiography

Malcolm Pownall, The Classical Topography of the Ager Vaticanus, topography

William Tripp, Mimetic Catharsis in Aristotle, literature/philosophy


James McGoldrick, The Influence of Lucretius upon Juvenal, literature

Hubert Black, Augustan Propaganda and the Ara Pacis Augustae, politics/architecture

Bernard Levens Jr., The Roman Contract: A Study of the Relationship between Aeneid 3.147-71 and Lucan Bellum Civile 1.183-227, literature/history

Harriet Deal, Dido, Orator and Magician: A Study of Magic and Rhetoric in the Fourth Book of the Aeneid, literature


Bernard Kavanagh, The Sabines and their Influences on Early Roman History, history

Theodora Warner, Hrotsvit and Terence: A Comparative Study, literature


G. David Woerner, Heracles Passages, and the Function of Digression in Homeric Epic, literature


Elena Bianchelli, The Erinyes in Early Greek Literature, literature/religion

Julienne Martin, Eileithyia in Greek and Minoan Religion, religion


Mary McDaniel, A Prosopographical Commentary on Persius, literature


John Reynolds, Vergil's Anna: A Study of Character and Motive, literature


John Adams, Tragedy and Humor in the Iliad, literature


Edwin Moore, Catullus, A Study in Subjectivity, literature


Jill McCurley, The Arming of the Hero in Classical Epic, literature

Robert Guarnella Jr., The Imagery of Light and Darkness in Propertius, literature

James Fulgham, The Role of Fortuna in Apuleius' Metamorphoses, literature


Betsy Leifermann, Ironic Tension in the Language of Aeschylus' Suppliants, literature


Thiela Falkenstrom, The Prometheia of Aeschylus, literature/history

Linda Croxson, Catullus' Ariadne and Vergil's Dido, literature


Franklyn Sanders, Man and Nature in Ovid's Metamorphoses, literature


Alan Orme, The Hellenism of Herod the Great, history/biography

James Lacy, A Presentation of Three of the Tebtunis Papyri, papyrology


Kathryn Rich, The Obelisks of Rome, archaeology/monuments

Ronald Bracewell, Homeric Prophecy, literature


Robert Fitts, Aetiology and Greek Tragedy, literature


James Loyd, Terence and the Scipionic Circle, literature


Jack Horton Jr., An Analysis of the Classical Proper Names Contained in the Poetry Included in Three Georgia State-Adopted Twelfth Grade Literature Books, literature


Eugenia Stone, Stoicism: The School, Its Tenets, Its Influence, philosophy



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