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CLAS 4970R

Faculty-Mentored Undergraduate Research II
Credit Hours:
1-6 hours. Repeatable for maximum 8 hours credit.

Faculty-supervised independent or collaborative inquiry into fundamental and applied problems within a discipline that requires students to gather, analyze, and synthesize and interpret data and to present results in writing and other relevant communication formats.  This course does not satisfy the Franklin College Experiential Learning requirement.

Permission of department
Semester Offered:
Course Type:
Classical Culture
Undergraduate Research (R)

Undergraduate Programs

UGA Classics explores Greek and Roman culture (material; intellectual; religious) from Troy to Augustine; Classical languages and literatures (Greek, Latin, and in English translation); and the reception of Classical Antiquity with A.B. and M.A. degrees in Classics with multiple areas of emphasis. The Minor in Classical Culture complements degree programs across campus. New to Classics? Take a course with us on campus or in Europe and acquire future-ready skills.

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