students taking photo of Venus de Milo

A Maymester program that was founded in 2017 in collaboration with UGA Cortona and since then based in the Department of Classics and directed by Dr. Mario Erasmo.  The 3-week program fulfils the Department's mission by focusing on the history, art, architecture, and archaeology of Classical antiquity and its reception in Europe with site visits to iconic monuments, museums, and excavations.  Various topics and itineraries throughout Europe (2017: Italy; England; Scotland/ 2018: Italy; France; Spain/ 2019 to Present: Greece; Italy; France; England) examine the material culture of Classical Europe (Troy to Augustine) and its legacy on Western Culture.  Students enroll in 2 courses (6 credit hours total): CLAS4130 Archaeology of Rome's Provinces and a second course depending on the program itinerary: CLAS4395 Legacy of Classical Antiquity OR CLAS4390 The Grand Tour OR CLAS4110 Early Rome and the Etruscans. The program is physically challenging and may not be suitable for all students.  Participation is limited to a maximum of 20 students with preference given to students who declare a Classics Minor.  Both of the program's courses (6 credit hours total) count towards the Classics Minor (15 credit hours of advanced course work).  The program also fulfills the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences Experiential Learning requirement.

Topic/Itinerary for 2020 (Greece, Italy, France, and England): From the Parthenon in Athens, Greece to the Parthenon Sculptures (Elgin Marbles) in the British Museum, London, England.
Courses: CLAS4130 Archaeology of Rome's Provinces and CLAS4395 Legacy of Classical Antiquity.


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