The Honors Program provides students with the opportunity to plan a curriculum leading to both the Bachelor's and Master's degrees in four years. The degrees are subject to the regulations of both the department and the college or school granting the baccalaureate, as well as the Graduate School. It is the student’s responsibility to know and fulfill all of the requirements for the combined degrees. **NOTE: This degree is only open to Classical Languages majors.

Program Requirements and Typical Program of Study


Students interested in the combined degree program should begin researching the opportunity during their first year at UGA in order to plan their academic schedule. Normally, prospective candidates should have earned 15 or more credits through Advanced Placement and/or joint enrollment. They should be Honors students in good standing, have a clear focus regarding their prospective major, and be motivated to undertake significant accelerated academic studies. Students may want to accelerate their coursework through course challenges, independent study, or summer term classes. Students may, however, wish to reserve one undergraduate requirement until their last semester in order to retain eligibility for certain undergraduate scholarships.

The combined Bachelor's/Master's degree program involves skillfully organizing a four-year plan of study and requires coordination among several academic advisors. A general plan of undergraduate study is developed in consultation with an academic advisor in the Honors Program or an undergraduate advisor in the student’s major. The major courses for the Bachelor's and Master's degrees should be planned with advice from both the undergraduate advisor and graduate coordinator for the department(s) in which the student is working.


Students should continue to complete core and major requirements under the guidance of their Honors advisor and major advisor. Students should complete the application as well as the proposed plan of study in consultation with their graduate coordinator. Students must obtain the required signatures and submit this form to the Graduate School prior to applying to the Graduate School. A limit of twelve hours required for the student’s undergraduate major may be taken at the graduate level (6000 or higher) and may be counted toward both the Bachelor's and Master's degrees. 


At the beginning of the student’s third year at UGA, or after 60 hours of resident credit are completed, the student should complete an application for admission to the Graduate School, take the appropriate admissions entrance tests, and have official scores sent directly to the Graduate School from the appropriate testing agency. The Graduate School recommends a minimum of a 3.5 cumulative undergraduate grade point average for acceptance; for programs that require the GRE as the entrance examination, a score of at least 1200 is recommended by the Graduate School for admission. The student must submit the following to Graduate Admissions: online application, application processing fee, and official transcripts from all institutions attended, excluding UGA transcripts. Letters of reference are included as part of the online application and will be sent by the recommender to the academic department through a secure online system. At the time of application to the Graduate School, the student should request that the Honors office submit a letter of recommendation to the Graduate School. Students must be formally admitted to the Graduate School and registered for graduate study prior to enrolling in their 13th hour of graduate credit. After admission to the Graduate School, students must register using their graduate eligibility rather than their undergraduate eligibility and pay graduate tuition.


During the Fall semester of the fourth year students should initiate a graduation check with their undergraduate department and school or college. They should be completing the course and thesis requirements for their department and college or school. Students should check the Graduate School website for deadlines pertaining to application for graduation, program of study form submission, and thesis format check for the Master's degree. Students who cannot meet all requirements for the Master's degree within the four-year period or who are enrolled in a designated five-year program will under normal circumstances complete their undergraduate curriculum and finish the Master's degree the following year. When all degree requirements of the department and school or college are fulfilled in the senior year concurrently with those of the Graduate School, the candidate shall earn both the Bachelor's and Master's degrees on the same graduation date.