Manisha Banga

Kudos to Manisha Banga, a third-year Classics and English major, who will be published in this year’s JURO, UGA’s own online undergraduate research journal for humanities, social sciences, policy, and the arts!  Manisha’s paper, “The Narrative Retelling of Marginalized Ancient Greek Mythological Characters by Contemporary Female Authors,” explores how authors such as Anne Carson in Autobiography of Red, Sarah Ruhl in Eurydice, and Cherríe Moraga in The Hungry Woman tackle issues of victimhood and oppression in their transformation of ancient myths.  She argues that they do so by following a tripartite pattern of giving voice and depth to characters who are marginalized in the ancient versions, while portraying the hero as a self-absorbed corrupter of the other character’s innocence.  She will also be presenting her work at the CURO Symposium in April.  Congratulations, Manisha!

Monday, November 23, 2015 - 2:45pm