Classical Archaeology Concentration Requirements

All students who enter and most students who transfer to the University Fall 2008 or later must meet the new UGA General Education Core Curriculum requirements (GENED).  


Students who continue to study Latin at UGA beyond the high school level will be placed in the appropriate course on the basis of scores on the College Entrance Examination Boards Achievement Test, the CEEB Advanced Placement Exam, or the MAPS placement test administered by the University of Georgia Counseling and Testing Center, together with other pertinent information.


I. UGA General Education Core Curriculum (GENED) Requirements and Recommendations for Major


IV: World Languages and Culture, Humanities, and the Arts (12 Hours)

Preferred Course(s): CLAS 1000/CLAS 1000H  or CLAS 1010/CLAS 1010H  (take course in Area IV or in general electives)


V: Social Sciences (9 Hours)

Preferred Course: CLAS (ANTH) 2000 


VI. Courses Related to the Major (15 Hours)

Required courses:

Third semester course in Foreign Language (GREK 2001 or 2001W for Area of Emphasis in Classical Archaeology)

Fourth semester course in Foreign Language (GREK 2001 or LATN 2002 for Area of Emphasis in Classical Archaeology)


Choose one course from the following:

CLAS (ANTH) 2000. Classical Archaeology (if not taken in Area V)

ARHI 2300 or ARHI 2300H. Monuments of World Art


Choose two courses from the following:

CLAS 1000/CLAS 1000H. Greek Culture 

CLAS 1010/CLAS 1010H. Roman Culture 

CLAS 1020/CLAS 1020H. Classical Mythology

CLAS (LING) 2010. Nature of the English Vocabulary

CMLT 2210 or CMLT 2250H. Western World Literature I

HIST 2301 or HIST 2311H. History of Western Society to 1500

LING 2100/LING 2100H. The Study of Language

PHIL 1000/PHIL 1000H. Introduction to Philosophy

RELI 1001 or RELI 2001H. Introduction to Judaism, Christianity & Islam


II. Major Requirements (60 Hours)


Major Required Courses (15 hours)

One 3000-level or above course in GREK or LATN

Choose four courses from the following:

CLAS 4010/6010. Archaic Greece

CLAS 4040/4040W/6040. The Hellenistic World

CLAS 4070/6070. Roman Britain

CLAS 4100/6100. Ancient Roman Cities

CLAS 4110/6110. The Etruscans and Early Rome

CLAS 4120/6120. Pompeii and Herculaneum: The Buried Cities

CLAS 4130/6130. The Archaeology of Rome's Provinces

CLAS 4140/6140. Archaeology of Punic and Roman Carthage

CLAS 4150/6150. Practicum in Classical Archaeology

CLAS 4340/4340W/6340. Ancient Athens

CLAS 4350/6350. Ancient Rome


Major Elective Courses (15 hours)

Five 3000-level or above courses, in any combination, in CLAS, GREK, or LATN, or courses in ANTH, ARHI, CMLT, GEOG, GEOL, HIST, LING, PHIL, RELI that have a significant component dealing with the ancient Greco-Roman world and are approved by the Classics Department. in particular, we encourage archaeollgy concentrators to take at least one 3000-level or above course in anceint art history and at least one 3000-level or above course in ancient history. The fifteen hours can include up to 6 hours of 1000/2000-level Latin, Greek or Hebrew (when NOT used to satisfy the major’s or the College’s foreign language requirement).


General Electives (30 hours)

(Refer to College-wide requirements when selecting general electives.)


Classical Culture Minor Requirements

Required Courses (12 hours): Four 3000-/4000-level CLAS courses


Electives (3 hours): One course 3000-level or above in CLAS, LATN, GREK